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Skunk Marijuana


Sativa / Indica
Breeder: Medifarm Seeds
Origins: Skunk #1 x Afghani
Indoor Clone Grow Time: 8-12 Days
Indoor Flowering: 65 Days
Harvest: Early October

This Skunk x Afghani cross is a classic hybrid. Although thousands of varieties have been offered since this was created in the 1980s, Super Skunk remains one of the most dynamic plants for both indoor and outdoor gardeners. It is strong and vigorous and wants to produce, even under adverse conditions. With champion potency, your focus will quickly pass from the fruity-skunk aroma and seductively smooth draw to your changed attitude toward life - all just in 60 seconds. The high is mind-opening, creative and bordering on the psychedelic.

Super Skunk's seeds are f2 generation Skunk x Afghani, but are the first feminized generation. The plants have a combination of characteristics ranging from the Thai and Mexican parentage of the stabilized Skunk to the Afghani indica parents of Big Bud. This reliably vigorous plant matures in 9-10 weeks indoors and in mid-October at mid-U.S. latitude. Super Skunk resists early ripening in the South. Your patience in the last weeks of ripening will be well worth it as you witness the glands filling toward the very end of the maturation cycle.

Super Skunk is not difficult to clone. Once the clones take, this plant is a robust grower, with wide branching and the ability to grow tall. It can be used in a sea of green with pruning to a single stem at forcing and again at 2 weeks. It is excellent for large containers. Outdoor growers can expect a big bush when planted early, and will find it excellent for late planting. Popular among medical users, Super Skunk rewards the user with a creative and cerebral high, although the contemplation it encourages may tend to distract from any activities that require focused attention.

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